Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Just a quickie

Been busy, busy, busy here what with half-term holidays, tired children etc etc...  but have been managing to get the runs in (in between the ongoing awful weather). At the end of half-term we went to CenterParcs, Longleat, for a family occasion, so I took my running gear with me in order to fit in at least one run through the beautiful and traffic-free terrain. 

The weather was not looking favourable except for on the Saturday, so I took my opportunity to go out for a long run whilst hubby took the children to the pool (hooray for a wonderful husband :-) Not only did I get glorious sunshine, lovely scenery and as much time as I wanted, but I also managed to keep going and complete what is my longest run so far - just over 16km in just over 6min/km pace, so I was very very pleased with myself :-)

I have to admit that my legs did really feel it that evening and a bit the following day, but the run really allayed my fears of not being able to complete 13.1miles as required for my half-marathon. Now I know I really can do it, and hopefully in a decent time too.

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