Monday, 8 October 2012

Lone Runner

Essentially I am a Lone Runner. 

I have run a few times with friends, and I have enjoyed it, but on the whole I enjoy the flexibility of doing my own thing, going out when I'm ready to go out, working just myself with my Garmin, enjoying the green excercise and seeing and listening to nature. 

I like the solitary time. As a Lone Runner I can think clearly, puff and pant, and talk to myself without bothering anyone else.

On my last long run of my half marathon training last week I thought a lot. I concentrated on my pace (not too fast, so I would manage the whole 12 miles), and enjoyed what was around me as the weather was not unfavourable.

During my run I saw

A few minutes of rain
2 pairs of Jays
20 or so Magpies
River boats going through the lock
A pair of black swans
Several ducks
Cotton reel hay bales wrapped in black plastic
4 other runners
Dogs and dog-walkers along the tow path
Autumn leaves on the trees
Squelchy muddy patches
*And a heron standing still as a statue in the pond in the nature reserve...

Surrounded by so much. I don't live in the middle of the countryside, I live just 3 miles from Reading town centre.

But even in suburbia, the Lone Runner is rarely alone.... 

*edited 12/10 - nearly forgot Mr Heron!

Friday, 5 October 2012

I'm in "Print!"

I'm a big fan of Women's running magazine, both in print and online and via the Facebook page, and quite fancied writing a race review for the magazine as I think they can be very interesting and useful, especially for newer runners choosing which races to enter. They can also act as good motivational and inspirational reading, reminding you that other runners can be experiencing very similar feelings and issues sometimes during a race. Click here to read the review!

I shall also be writing one after the Oxford Half Marathon so look out for it in the reviews section, though I'll try to remember to post a link up on the blog too.  I'm pleased to report that I managed my 12 mile training run on Wednesday without too much trouble and in 1hour 55minutes, so I really hope that I can come in under 2hours 5minutes on the day and on a lovely flat course. I am still feeling the effects from Wednesday mind you, so goodness knows how long it will take me to get over the actual race itself with the extra mile!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A good result

On Saturday I completed the Reading O2O 10K race for the second year running.  This is one of my most local 10K races which runs along the river at Thames Valley Park and along the towpath into Reading and back. It was a 9am start on  a fresh but dry morning, after I had had a rather poor night's sleep for some unknown reason.

I kept my fleece on until the last minute!

Last year my time was 54.40, which I knew would be a hard time to beat having been training for longer distances with slower pace, so I was just aiming to get under 55minutes. I felt the race was hard going to begin with  - though I nearly always find that - and towards the end I knew it was touch and go to get under the 55minute mark.

I gave it everything I had in the last hundred metres or so but it wasn't going to happen without me dropping dead or injuring myself, which I definitely didn't want to do before the half marathon in two weeks time.

So 55:20 was my official time, I'm pleased with that, still consistent, and I know I gave it my all. As usual my lovely loyal supporters came to give me a shout out :-)

Tomorrow I'll run my last long run before the half marathon, 11-12 miles. Fingers crossed for not too much rain!