Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rain, Rain, Go away!

Just a quick hello, now that I'm back from a wonderful, long (10 days!) holiday with family and friends in Devon. Still with the cough lurking as a remnant from the nasty virus I had, I took my running shoes down with me, determined to fit in some training with the Woodley 10k date fast approaching!

I struggled with a run in Exeter, but kept going to reach the 5k mark, with a little walking up the hills. Then, once we were were in Kingsbridge (South Devon), I ran about 4 times over the whole stay, but not entirely satisfactorily. If anyone reading has ever been to Kingsbridge, you will appreciate just how hilly the terrain is. The hills just killed my legs - I am used to running gradual inclines, but these were something else! - and my walking up the hills rather than running of course slowed my overall average pace. But I continued to run every few days to keep my legs ticking over, even though I have now decided that I am really not keen on running in Kingsbridge, not only due to the hills, but also the traffic and lack of continuous pavement, sooo not enjoyable with the exception of Easter Sunday when it was lovely and quiet of course! Still I had managed to run up to 6k several times whilst away, and it had whetted my appetite for getting out running on one of my "usual" local routes once home.

We came home on Sunday, and even in the car I was thinking "we're going to be home early enough for me to go for a run whilst hubby puts the kids to bed!" The weather was ok too, so I got out there, decided on a 6-7k route in order to start increasing my distance, and lo and behold, on a route which is mostly flat but slightly undulating in parts, I managed 6.95k in under 39minutes, a great improvement. It felt tough for the first 2-3k, but then seemed to settle down. 

My plan was then to run yesterday or today, but alas, the rain has come, and is still here, and doesn't seem to want to go!! It's not warm either, so I'm not going out there running! I don't mind a little shower, but constant rain, wind, and cold temperatures, nah, that's not for me! Instead, my Nell McAndrew Cardio, Stretch and Core dvd has had my attention both days, and it does actually feel good to have stretched other parts of my body, that don't get actively stretched in the same way whilst running.Only 3.5weeks now though until my race, so as soon as the rain goes I'll be back out there :-)

As you may be able to tell, the scrapping has taken rather a back seat what with holidays and running. Back to school and work now so no lazy lie-ins except at the weekends, so by evening I am shattered, even though I would really like to get some scrapping done.... sigh. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I shall allocate some of my non-working daytime hours to treat myself to some scrapping time.

I hope some of you are managing to fit in some running / scrapping, I would love to hear if you have anything exciting to report!

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