Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Starting to run again - #Take2!

It's been a while. Since I last blogged I have run, and stopped, and am now hoping to run again very soon! A couple of weeks ago, six weeks after my breast surgery, I had a follow up appointment with the surgeon, just another check-up if you like. I had initially been told that 8 weeks is the "normal" time to wait before trying and "impact" activity such as running, so I was delighted when the lovely Mr. D told me everything was good and I could now do "whatever I wanted, as long as it's comfortable!" 

I was soooo pleased. We started having some sunshine that week, and the lovely sunny evenings were making me crave getting out in my trainers for a run in the fresh air - even a run/walk/run if necessary! So the following day (a Friday evening) hubby was home just before it started to get dark, and I went out for my "first" run. I was half expecting to feel a bit of soreness around my chest, but in fact I felt nothing there, ironically it was only my legs that found the whole 5km harder work than previously!! I ran 5km in about 30mins, so much slower than my usual 27/28mins, and I loved it, it was just great to be out in the fresh air and doing some proper cardio excercise.

Two days later, the Sunday morning, I went out for another run, but even as I ran out of the front door, I was already feeling strain in my upper legs. I pushed on, but only managed to push myself to a total of 3km. I was disappointed, but had to remind myself that my legs had done virtually nothing for 6 weeks. Although this signalled to me that I couldn't try another run too soon, I knew that I wouldn't have that option anyway, as last week I was working extra days (hence no time to run whilst the children were at school), and hubby is working long hours so no time available pre-darkness. Call me a big wuss, but I won't run alone in the darkness.

What's more, I then came down with a sore throat, which developed into a really nasty virus, from which I am still recovering, with a nasty cough to show for it. Physically, I probably could have tried running in the last couple of days, but once again I have been unable to as it's school holidays so I've been having fun with the children in the daytime. Tomorrow night we're off to Devon for not only Easter weekend but a whole 10 days, so guess what? Yes, I shall be taking my running gear with me and running the last remnants of this virus out of my system! 

I now have only 5 weeks to get up to 10k fitness, so I REALLY need to get some runs in and get my legs back to fitness. I don't want to run the race half-heartedly, that's just not me.On a more positive note, I LOVE my new boobs, it does feel lighter for running, and there is now a much reduced "bounce factor", so bring on the running!

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