Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Race for Life and say Boobs to Cancer!

This week I got ever so excited when my long awaited envelope from  Race for Life 2012, having registered  back in January. Not only was I awaiting my number (32!) but also, for the first time in my 6 year Race for Life history I was able to order a size 8 t-shirt, so I had gone the whole hog and ordered a girly, pale pink, sparkly vest, plus a bright pink RFL sweatband :-)

New vest over new boobs!

This is the first (clothed) photo I have of my "new" boobs (I have taken a few before and after pics unclothed just for the sheer "wow" factor). It is 4 weeks tomorrow since I had my breast reduction surgery, which means I haven't been able to run, and won't be able to for probably another 4 weeks. I do have to wear a sports bra, but that's as far as it goes lol. I signed up for Race for Life again knowing that by then (July 22nd) I should be able to run 5km again without a problem, and it is such an amazing atmosphere and a great cause to support, Cancer Research. I can't wait to get running again, and it's always good to have a race to aim for.

What's more, this year I feel highly emotionally affected by the experience of a good friend, Carrie, who is currently undergoing an aggressive regime of chemotherapy for breast cancer. Carrie is younger than I am, and with 3 girls age 7 and younger to care for, I can only imagine how difficult a time it is for her and her family at the moment. Fortunately she has some great friends as well has her husband and children to support her.  As well as being a wonderful mother and friend, she is also a wonderful writer, and I would highly recommend her blog at My Bad Boob, but make sure you have the tissues ready!

Since Carrie is the other side of the country from where I live, I decided to surprise her by putting together a little album of the times we have spent together with our children.  I used a Creative Memories Paper Album Kit "So Chic". I've always thought these kits are somewhat underrated - yes, some may say they're a bit of a cheat but as you can see there's still plenty of scope to personalise them. I was so pleased when it took Carrie by surprise and she said she was really touched.

Front cover - I love this picture from the last time we met up in October.
On the right-hand page is a photo of a 12x12 layout that I made as part of a challenge during a scrapping retreat!
Back pages with positive phrases.


  1. lovely present for your friend x

  2. You look great and well done on the run...I think most people know someone touched with breast cancer and Carrie will love your pages :)

  3. *blush*
    I was really excited to come check out your new blog, Jenny...what a surprise to find myself in it! :-)
    I have looked at my scrapbook every day since it arrived and it never fails to make me feel emotional. It was such a special, touching gift and I will always treasure it.
    *whispers* I'm thinking of signing up for the Plymouth RfL in June. It's three weeks after my last chemo. Do you think it's do-able (for a non-runner!)? Much love xxx

  4. Definitely do the rfl! You can take the girls along to do.it too if you want, and A buggy if you so wish! The atmosphere is really amazing tho emotional, always makes me blub a little before and afterwards. There are as many people who walk it as those who run, and as many who do a bit of both too. Oh and I'll be first to sponsor you if you let me know when youve signed up :-)