Monday, 19 March 2012

My Simple Pleasures

THIS IS WHY I LOVE TO RUN! (ps. but I wasn't the first female runner!)
 I am currently trying hard to finish a simple 6"x6" album of photos of my run in the Dorney Dash 10k race 2011, which I really loved, and in which I achieved my 10k PB of 53mins 10secs. 

Today, whilst working on a couple of pages when I had a spare hour, I looked at these pages and it reminded me of why I love to run, and especially in good weather! I love this picture of the fastest female runner, way out ahead. For me it embodies what I love about being out in fresh air, the freedom, the views. The blue and green scenery of nature, and often the peacefulness too which allows thinking time, me time, practically therapy, if you like. It also reminded me that I scrapbook in order to safely and beautifully keep my memories of these wonderful experiences, in which I am so lucky to be able to participate.

The race route is a very flat course - hence also very fast and many PBs resulting - around Dorney Lake near Windsor and Eton. This year the lake will be the venue for the Olympic rowing events which, whilst very exciting, also means that sadly the Dorney Dash cannot take place around the lake this year at the end of July. The organisers are apparently looking for a different venue, but for myself, the route around the lake and the venue itself was probably the main attraction of this event. I would definitely consider running this race again though once it's back to its "rightful" venue at the lake, as it was well organised and highly enjoyable all round.

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  1. Looks like my kind of running (flat) tho possibly a bit further than I would be able to get since I haven't run in ages :D Beautiful page, love the summery colours.