Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A good result

On Saturday I completed the Reading O2O 10K race for the second year running.  This is one of my most local 10K races which runs along the river at Thames Valley Park and along the towpath into Reading and back. It was a 9am start on  a fresh but dry morning, after I had had a rather poor night's sleep for some unknown reason.

I kept my fleece on until the last minute!

Last year my time was 54.40, which I knew would be a hard time to beat having been training for longer distances with slower pace, so I was just aiming to get under 55minutes. I felt the race was hard going to begin with  - though I nearly always find that - and towards the end I knew it was touch and go to get under the 55minute mark.

I gave it everything I had in the last hundred metres or so but it wasn't going to happen without me dropping dead or injuring myself, which I definitely didn't want to do before the half marathon in two weeks time.

So 55:20 was my official time, I'm pleased with that, still consistent, and I know I gave it my all. As usual my lovely loyal supporters came to give me a shout out :-)

Tomorrow I'll run my last long run before the half marathon, 11-12 miles. Fingers crossed for not too much rain!

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